SAP Business One for Transport and Logistics

Complete transport management solution for 3PL forwarders and carriers

SAP Business One Transport is a single integrated transport management solution based on the robust SAP Business One. The software manages any business that relies on their fleet to generate revenue. The advantage of the solution lies in its longevity, ease of use and a holistic focus on transport businesses.

Who can benefit?

All companies in the transport industry from small to mid-sized businesses including courier, freight forwarders and carriers are a good fit for SAP Business One Transport.
The Business One Transport solution is specifically customized to comply with regulations in Southern Africa.

The solution includes the following main benefits:


Processes include load order, dispatch, in-transit tracking through to delivery and invoicing. Sophisticated price rules are accommodated using rates, trailer/tanker capacity, zones and routes.

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Fleet Management

• The solution maintains a permit and licenses register for compliance with all government regulatory bodies. This feature ensures that driver licenses, assize certificates and others are always renewed on time.
• Ability to track all tyres and calculate cost per kilometer (CPM)
• Integration with GPS trackers such as GeoTab enables advanced analytics that measure driver behaviour and route hazards

Multi-dimensional management reporting

• Profit & Loss By Service line e.g. Flat beds, Tankers, Courier or Rentals
• Profit & Loss By Truck, Loss analysis and Driver performance analysis

Management tools

• Ability to have Purchase orders are approved by the Finance manager using an iPad while on the road
• Alerts to management to ensure that key tasks are not missed e.g alert when service is due, assize certificates and road tax expired, or if a truck is idling.

Workshop management

• Ability to manage the repair work done on each truck including raising of job cards
• Allocating all costs incurred to a specific unit e.g. spares issued to a truck
• Monitor the performance of workshop technicians

Other key Benefits

• Flexible to customize and add as many fields as you require
• One single integrated system for your entire business
• Ability to access the system from mobile devices

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Case Study: Juba Transport Ltd (3PL bulk liquid carrier)

Zambia’s largest petroleum carrier has been moving Diesel, Petrol, Acid and Jet-A1 since 1989. Having had multiple software systems and manual documents to run their business, keeping ahead of all the issues that come with a fleet of more than one hundred tankers was no easy feat.

Billing rates governed by customers like Engen and Total plus the Energy Requlation Board of Zambia must be strictly adhered to with any variations causing plenty of administrative rework. In addition each customer has different requirements for reports that must accompany invoices.

A massive requirement was that every truck needed to be tracked for any revenue and costs it incured including driver allowances, diesel usage and maintenance.

Implementation of Cirotech SAP Business One Transport took eight weeks to cater for the mammoth task of collating all the data from spreadsheets, legacy database systems and paper.

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