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“There are two kinds of statistics, the kind you look up (IsoMetrix) and the kind you make up.”

Cirotech isometrix

Governance, Risk and Compliance Management Software

What is Isometrix

IsoMetrix brings together in a single system all your requirements for managing business risk, legal compliance, governance and sustainability. Optimise your business using a system that provides an over-arching solution for all elements of GRC, from Health, Safety, Environment and Community to Enterprise Risk Management, Sustainability, Primary Healthcare and Wellness, and Social Management.

IsoMetrix Clients

Cirotech isometrix

Historically, IsoMetrix clients were primarily in the extractive industries. While the extractive industries are still a key focus area for the business, IsoMetrix clients have extended to include manufacturing, construction, transport, financial services, telecommunications and energy. There are now more than 40 000 users of IsoMetrix worldwide. IsoMetrix enables companies to replace a myriad of point solutions and paper and spreadsheet-based systems, with a fully integrated, web-based solution that provides comprehensive dashboards for clear visibility over areas of risk and non-compliance. The agile technology IsoMetrix is built on provides Metrix with a strong competitive advantage, enabling us to provided tailored solutions to customer requirements, and add new modules to the existing suite, in a fraction of the time required by a conventional software development approach

Case studies

1. Metorex (Zambia)

Metorex Case Study: Metorex has historically operated mines throughout Southern Africa, and has prospects in West and sub-Saharan Africa. The company’s current focus is on base metals in Zambia and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

2. First Quantum Minerals (Zambia)

First Quantum Minerals Ltd. is an established and rapidly growing mining and metals company operating seven mines and developing five projects worldwide. We currently produce copper, nickel, gold, zinc and platinum group elements. The Company’s current operations are the Kansanshi copper-gold mine, the Guelb Moghrein copper-gold mine, the Las Cruces copper mine, the Kevitsa nickel-copper-PGE mine, the Pyhäsalmi copper-zinc mine, the Ravensthorpe nickel-cobalt mine, and the Çayeli copper-zinc mine. In addition, they are developing projects in Zambia, Panama and Peru that when complete, will increase our annual copper production capacity to more than 1.3 million tonnes per annum.

How can Cirotech software solutions help you?

Cirotech isometrix

Our strategy is to understand our client's business and work with them as a technology partner rather than just a vendor. We have consultants certified for implementing IsoMetrix. Our work environment is fun to work in and we encourage continuous learning for all staff. The company directors have been in the ERP space for 10 years with varied experience in Zambia, South Africa, Australia and the Asia-Pacific region. Our cloud focused server environment allows for fast and steady implementation of software solutions on a global and cost effective scale.

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