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IsoMetrix Health, Safety and Environmental

The IsoMetrix Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) solution assists organisations to manage HSE processes and drive operational performance improvement, effectively reducing risk and cost. The software combines the different health, safety and environmental processes in a dynamic, flexible and systematic way, thereby providing a single, comprehensive, integrated management solution. Effective HSE management requires engagement of the workforce, with team members embracing HSE objectives as their own. IsoMetrix is designed to meet the requirements of the HSE management team. The easy to use and intuitively designed interfaces facilitate the rapid adoption of a culture of participation to achieve corporate goals. IsoMetrix helps organisations drive compliance with international management system standards and guidelines such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 22000, ISO 31000 and many more.


Integrated processes managed within the IsoMetrix HSE Suite:

Risk Management

Improve the visibility, management and reporting of risk to prevent incidents and losses before they occur. The integration between risk assessment and the audit, inspection and incident management processes, together with insightful dashboards, ensure that risk registers are current and relevant.

Incident Management

Manage occurrences of incidents that result in loss or which cause an interruption to standard operation. IsoMetrix software supports the entire process from identification, investigation and analysis through to action management, facilitating performance improvement. All major analysis methodologies, such as root cause or ICAM, are accommodated.

Audit & Assessment

Compile a complete audit report directly from the software. IsoMetrix supports the entire audit process from risk assessment to scheduling and audit execution, including working papers, management of findings, and action planning.

Inspections Management

Generate inspection plans based on risk analysis, incident trending or any other available data. Save the key data into IsoMetrix and generate reports and dashboards effortlessly. Inspection teams spend less time writing reports and more time in the field. Comprehensive action plans facilitate continual improvement.

Training & Competence

Perform risk based training needs analysis through the risk assessment, incident and audit modules. Schedule and accurately track and report on employee training, licensing, certifications and qualifications for employees and contractors.

Contractor Management

Reduce risks associated with contractors by enabling better management of contractor information on site. The module maintains records of the work scope per contractor, risk reviews, personnel records, training records, equipment and vehicle registers.

Stakeholder Management

Identify and prioritise stakeholder and community issues, controls and actions, thereby ensuring commitments and obligations are managed effectively.

Material Safety Data Sheets

Manage hazardous substances effectively through the provision of advanced safety data sheets for all hazardous substances. Advanced search functionality based on detailed product metadata allows for the rapid retrieval of relevant data sheets by users.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Gain the ability to effectively monitor and control PPE items. Track which items are being used by employees and monitor supply levels.

Meeting Management

Manage meetings effectively. Define meeting profiles and attendee groups which are then leveraged to HSE

Action & Issue Tracking

Track actions from creation to close-out, with automatic notification and escalation improving completion rates and facilitating exception management. Drive a culture of accountability within the organisation through visible allocation of tasks, with feedback frequencies set against longer-term actions.

Management Review

Schedule, record and track all management review meetings, related documents and activities in line with the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 or OHSAS 18001. All the necessary information is organised in one central location and actions are managed centrally in the action manager.

Ideas and suggestions management

Drive innovation, promote engagement and capture great ideas. Gather ideas from users, analyse and action them fostering continual improvement. Policies and procedures Provide users with quick access to the most important documents whether they are uploaded into IsoMetrix or stored securely in a third party document management system. The module is fully searchable via custom metadata and the associated action manager allows the business to drive actions around these documents.

Objectives and targets

Get complete visibility into the status of your objectives and targets. Create a hierarchy of objectives and target for the business and set specific target dates and action plans for achieving these. Link all relevant actions from other modules to these objectives and targets to create a comprehensive management programme for the business.

Plan, do, check, act & review simplified

Central to the ISO 9001 International Standard for Quality Management System requirements is the PDCA + R cycle:

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PLAN: How you are going to achieve the desired outcome.

DO: Do what you have planned to do - implement the processes.

CHECK: Check what has been done - has it worked?

ACT: Act on these findings to identify improvements.

REVIEW: Demonstrate and track improvement.

IsoMetrix consolidates all these elements into a centralised, electronic system that can be tailored to your exact requirements, from the data input screens to the management dashboards.


Additional modules available for the HSE Solution

Legal Compliance Knowledge Base t

Know your compliance requirements. Legal compliance can only be achieved and sustained once the applicable legal requirements have been identified and integrated into a management system. The purpose of the Legal Register is to identify and present applicable legal requirements in simple layman’s language while eliminating unrelated information.

Compliance Management

Gain a view of your compliance status. Drawing from the legal knowledge base, the Compliance Management module helps compliance teams quickly identify company business processes directly impacted by each compliance requirement. Compliance teams can then engage business process owners using targeted compliance assessment campaigns, control self-assessments and action plans to remediate compliance issues as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Permits and Approvals

Enable the tracking of critical dates, such as permit expiry dates, obligations and conditions to ensure compliance across the organisation.

Behaviour Based Safety (BBS)

Implement an effective BBS process. IsoMetrix supports a systematic process which focuses on what people do, analyses why they do it, and then facilitates the development of an intervention strategy to improve the way work is done and how people behave.

Sustainability Reporting

Track data at multiple monitoring locations and expose exception levels. The monitoring modules are used to characterise and monitor the range of parameters required for effective HSE management. Powerful dashboards bring this valuable information into decision-making processes. IsoMetrix facilitates sustainability reporting according to global guidelines such as the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).

Occupational Hygiene Management

Empower occupational hygienists to effectively identify hazards and mitigate risks to promote a healthy work environment. Developed with input from respected occupational hygiene specialists, IsoMetrix not only assists hygienists to pro-actively manage hygiene data, but facilitates continuous improvement in working conditions within organisations.

Occupational Health Management

Enable the secure tracking of medical trends and management of compliance to regulatory requirements. The powerful dashboards and action management features empower management to make informed decisions on how to improve employee health and productivity and ultimately to reduce absenteeism.

Emergency preparedness

Test emergency preparedness plans through regular exercises or drills, such as fire drills, emergency evacuations or any other exercise that the organisation needs to carry out. The module allows these drills to be planned and executed on a location by location basis across the organisation and keeps records of lessons learned from the results.

Non-conformance management

Enforce the identification and documentation of non-conformance events and follow a structured analysis and root cause identification process as well as preventive and corrective action planning.

Document Management

IsoMetrix integrates seamlessly with a variety of document management applications ensuring that relevant documents are available to users and can be linked to a variety of records within IsoMetrix.

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IsoMetrix enables companies to automate health, safety and environmental management, thereby increasing efficiency and reducing cost:



Integrated management

The IsoMetrix philosophy is built around integration. Because IsoMetrix is an agile software solution, an organisation has the ability to add on components as they need to expand their business requirements. Replace ineffective stacks of paper, Excel spreadsheets and independent in-house systems.

Rapid Return on Investment

Achieve a rapid return on investment, based on the rapid deployment of our out of the box solution with predefined security roles, workflows, reports, dashboards and content that can be further tailored to your organisation’s requirements, with configuration being completed by the end user.

Simple to Use

IsoMetrix has been designed with ease of use as a focal point, yet is incredibly powerful, providing administrators with seamless control over tailoring the configuration to suit the specific requirements of your organisation.

Web Interfaces

Revolutionise your organisation by empowering those in the field with mobile reporting, action management on notebook PC’s, tablets and smartphones. IsoMetrix is 100% web based and supports most modern browser technologies.

SaaS or On Premise

IsoMetrix is available as a SaaS solution as well as On Premise.

Notification & Escalation Engine

Simple configuration of business rules using the highly configurable notification and process flow security engine will effectively automate notifications and reminders as well as process flow.

HSE Process Integration

Increase cost savings and enhance productivity by integrating IsoMetrix with other enterprise applications such as SAP with our Web Services and APIs, allowing real time integration touch points. IsoMetrix lets IT serve business like never before IsoMetrix delivers business value immediately because few new skills are needed to produce custom IsoMetrix functionality. • IT managers and business analysts can rapidly create cutting edge functionality that focuses on the HSE processes that matter most to business users. • They can quickly extend and enhance those applications as business needs change.


What can I get out of it?

IsoMetrix dashboards – Analytics powered by QlikView

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IsoMetrix dashboards are powered by Qlikview. Qlikview is a leading Business Discovery software application. Its intuitive dashboards allow you to stop guessing and start knowing how to make faster, smart decisions.
• Uncover hidden trends and make discoveries that drive innovative decisions.
• Compare by year, region, category or other dimensions at the click of a button.
• Ask questions and pursue insights on your own or collaboratively.
• Search across all your data to get the big picture – get results that let you see new connections and relationships between data sets.

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