SAP Business One for Insurance Companies and Brokers


“Prevent your company from the negative consequences of disjointed business-processes”

SAP Business One offers Zambian insurance brokers and firm's solutions that streamline resources by providing a simplified way to manage policies, increase sales, track commissions, and integrate with external systems. SAP Business One for insurance companies supports the operations of your firm now and in the future, regardless of the number of offices and their locations.


Who can benefit?

Insurance companies

Cirotech’s experienced consulting team assists Zambian insurance companies with implementing and integrating relevant SAP Business One solutions to address the many problems that many insurance firms experience.

At Cirotech we encourage our clients to call if you have any questions and tell us a little about your company and goals. We can offer insight as to how SAP Business One can best fit your company’s needs and provide insights on best business processes by:

  • Automation of tasks to improve administration.
  • Providing process insights for effective business decisions management.
  • Managing and tracking commissions.
  • Providing document classification, storage, and management for multiple carriers and policies.
  • Integrating disparate insurance, financial, ERP, or CRM systems and placing information into one central location while providing your team with relevant data they need.

Insurance Customer Relationship Management


Change your organization from policy-centric to customer-centric and help your employees to be more effective, with SAP Business One.

Capitalize on new sales opportunities and help improve operational efficiency by centralizing policy holder information, including outreach activities, interaction and underwriting history, preferences, key relationships, and claims details—in a single repository.

Help increase client loyalty and renewal rates with faster inquiry handling, streamlined claims resolution, and proactive customer service.

Improve broker and agent agility with mobile solutions and tools that reduce busywork, freeing up time to have more relevant and meaningful customer conversations.

Gain better visibility into the sales pipeline, agent/broker productivity, client loyalty, claims processing etc. with real-time dashboards and contextual analytics.

Help ensure that you meet regulatory compliance by using robust work-flow and auditing capabilities to automatically capture and track key data areas.


Brokers and dealers


With an ever increasing competitive market the ability to attract and retain profitable clients can be very costly and resource intensive. Boosting operational efficiency and ensuring efficient use of resources is critical to having a competitive advantage.

Cirotech’s experienced consulting team will provide your organization with better financial and analytical tools and customized applications designed to meet your unique challenges and strengthen and secure your IT infrastructure.

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SAP Business One will help to provide more business value faster, flexibility and insight in your organization, and help drive faster adoption, better usage, and easier maintenance and upgrade through a continued emphasis on usability.

The constant focus on pervasive interoperability—the natural interaction of SAP Business One with other business productivity applications and IT infrastructure technology will help sharpen your competitive edge and encourage your staff to anticipate and embrace change.

Brokers and dealers Customer Relationship Management

By giving your customer-facing advisers and representatives access to the right information at the right time, SAP Business One provides greater client insight, improves customer service, and helps your firm attract and retain profitable clients.

  • Provide a comprehensive view of the client by gaining a real-time visibility into customer data from multiple databases.

  • Track all customer-facing interactions across multiple communication channels.

  • Monitor and analyse customer needs to maximize cross-sell/up-sell opportunities and quickly adapt for changing customer needs.

  • Reduce the administrative burden on financial advisers.

  • Enable financial advisers to work more efficiently across information sources and distribution channels. Integrate sales, marketing, and customer service.

Taking advantage of predefined templates and solutions designed for the financial services industry, financial services CRM tools can:

  • Create targeted offers, identify high-value clients, and help increase share of wallet with a full view of customer information.

  • Automate key tasks and processes to boost operational efficiencies and to utilize core competencies.

  • Help win customer loyalty and gain trust through personalized client services across multiple channels.


Below are some of the many benefits SAP Business One can bring to Zambia's insurance industry.


At Cirotech we believe that a highly competitive insurance business requires a proactive reaction to customers' demands and a quick output of new and quality insurance services. SAP Business One undoubtedly allows for all company stakeholders an opportunity to:

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